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About Alyssa Reuven

Artist, Designer and Co-founder of, Alyssa Reuven, offers one-of-a-kind and limited edition hand crafted home products, accessories and gifts at Multi Chic. 
Excited by shapes, patterns, colors and textures found in nature, Alyssa embodies the love of these elements in her original handmade home wares, textiles, collectible gifts and accessories. 

Alyssa is a self-taught designer and artist living in New York City.  From her studio in Long Island City, Queens, Alyssa focuses on the artistic process of hand making. For her hand printed textiles, she uses methods such as block-printing or hand cut stencils. Each design starts with hand-drawn artwork which is either carved onto blocks or cut into stencils. 

Alyssa's hand painted glassware and trays are created by applying small dots of paint resembling intricate beading or paint that is brushed on in several layers to create texture and depth. 

To see all of Alyssa's handmade products click here.  Pillows, glassware, trays, throw blankets...